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Supporting & exploring the connection between you and the dogs in your life.

Hello, I'm Mandie and I'm very glad you found your way here.

Sometimes we all find ourselves needing a little extra support whether we are a canine guardian or professional. 

Having shared my life with some incredible dogs over the last 30 years and worked in the dog world for just as long I get it.  

I've lived with the challenging dogs, the ones who I was scared to take out a walk in case they met that situation that would have them react. I've been the trainer who questioned herself because my own dogs weren't perfectly behaved, I've been that person scared to get back on a horse after a fall.

I even walked away from a career that I used to have such passion and drive for because I burnt out.  I am also the person that hid from following my truth because I was worried about what others would say or think.  

Perhaps you can relate?

I would do the training, the behavioural support, take another course (oh the courses I have taken!) but I then I realised I needed to support my own emotions, my own energies, my own reactions and it sent me down a rabbit hole!  

I now specialise in supporting those who understand there is more to our relationship with our dogs and other animals than meets the eye and who know energy and emotions play a huge part in how we move through our lives together.  As The Holistic Canine Coach I don't just focus on your dog instead, together, we look at the bigger picture. Then using Connective Energetics™ which combines techniques such as Essence Support, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping), Reiki, Intuitive Connection alongside behaviour and training support we get to work writing a new story, a new way of being. To deepen the understanding and relationship you have not only with your companion but with yourself.  
for guardians

For guardians and their dogs or other animals I provide one to one sessions tailored to your unique situation.  

Essences, Intuitively selected blends and Essential Oils are also available both for you and your animals. To find out more click below.

for professionals

For those working with clients and their animals or have a wish to add Essence Support and Energetics to their toolbox, Connective Energetics provides mentoring, one to one training, workshops, short and long courses.  

I can also provide background support for your clients to find out more just click below.

For essence producers 

If you are an essence producer who would like to explore how your range could support animals and their guardians then I can offer support in a variety of ways such as animal connection and translation.

I am always happy to trial new ranges and expand my learning  so please feel free to get in touch.

for courses & Workshops

A range of online and in-person training, workshops and mentoring is available and can be arranged to suit your requirements.

Visit our calendar page for our latest dates or sign up for our newsletter to be kept up to date.

If you can't see what you are looking for then drop us a message.

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